The disappearing dish rag

    Sometimes you can’t resist having a little bit of fun even if it makes someone else hate you for a little while.  Once you know certain people for a little while you realize that they can be gullible enough for jokes that may not work on others.  This one I thought up on the spot.  One day a bunch of us were talking and a very naive teenage girl stopped washing dishes and came over to join in the conversation.  She had been using a J cloth on the dishes and set it down on the counter beside her.  Within thirty seconds someone came along, took the J cloth, and began to wash the dishes.  The girl who had set it down didn’t see them do this.

       When the girl decided to do some more work she realized that the cloth had disappeared.  Me, being the asshole I am, told her that it evaporated.  To my surprise she believed me.  “How would it do that”?  she asked, quite confused.  I had to think fast so I told her that if they are left dry in the box they can sit around for years but after they get wet they evaporate after about two weeks.  I thought I had gone too far with this lie but she believed it too.  I told her that I remembered that was the first one I had taken out of the newest box, about two weeks ago.   I didn’t think anyone would believe this but she did and that day alone I must have heard her tell five people in there about this discovery about the J cloths.  They all just looked at her, nobody told her the difference. 

       What made this girl so angry was that nobody told here the difference for about a month.  When she finally did see the light she was so angry with me she didn’t talk to me for about two months. 

        While on the topic of  J cloths I have another very silly story that I may as well tell now because it is quite possible I may never be on the topic of J cloths again in my life.  

The first manager that I had for some reason had a fear of J cloths or more specifically a fear of the feel of a dry J cloth, I don’t know how a person develops a phobia such as this.   I know that a lot of people don’t like touching some gooey or sticky substances which is understandable but the fear of dry cloths is a little puzzling even if they do feel somewhat gritty when dry.

     After I found out about this fear I had to see if it was true.  One day she was standing there talking with someone and I ran by as if I was in a big rush.  I asked her if she could hold something for me as I whizzed by.  She didn’t have time to see what I was giving her and within three seconds I heard a bone chilling scream and then I saw her throw it as if it were on fire.  That must have been a particularly scary dry J cloth.  She was only mad at me for about a week.


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