Some customers you don’t need

         I encountered a somewhat unpleasant individual one day at the takeout pizza shop I was working at.  I was in the washroom when it all started so with the fan going I didn’t hear the first of the yelling.  When I opened the door I saw the two teenage female employees huddled up on the floor in the fetal position bawling their eyes out.  There was a man in his forties jumping up and down, waving his arms and yelling at the top of his lungs at the front counter.  If were just me who he was freaking out at I may have been able to keep my cool but I don’t think there is an excuse for scaring the shit out of young girls like he did. 

       This man was an english speaking individual with no accent but he was so raving mad his words were barely recognizeable.  There was spit flying out of his mouth and his eyes were crazy.  When it gets to this point I don’t care about his needs as a customer anymore, he has crossed the line where he deserves good service or any service at all for that matter.

     In the middle of his senseless babble I was able to discover that he had received a takeout order and I can only assume that there was something wrong with it.  I didn’t care.  He kept pointing at one of the girls who by this time were peeking aroung the corner to see what was going on.  He kept pointing at one and saying “Rinky dink, she did, she gave me –she fucked up my”.  He was so mad he couldn’t even finish what he wanted to say.  I’m not sure what “Rinky Dink” is supposed to mean, it must have been the best name this prick could come up with.  This fellow then proceeded to jump over the  counter at me.  I guess I must have seen this move watching wrestling, I don’t know, but just out of instinct I grabbed him and threw him to the floor with great force on the customer side of the counter.  It looked like he was coming again and this is where it was my turn to turn into the irate spit flying asshole.

       I told him to get the fuck out and when he hesitated I chased him out and I’m glad he left because I probably would have been charged with assault if he stayed.  I think bodyslamming someone is justified when they jump over a counter at you so I wasn’t too worried about that.

       The two young girls were obviously very shaken but okay so I told them to just leave me alone for a few minutes while I counted down from 1000 and let  the adrenaline rush wear off.  It turns out that neither of them knew exactly what had set this fellow off, It had both of them so upset I thought they were going to quit but they didn’t. 

        Maybe I crossed a line with my next action, we had the asshole’s phone number from when he ordered and I called him and told him never to show his face in there again and told him off for about ten minutes until he finally hung up.  Oh, I forgot that during the conversation I also told off his wife or girlfriend who tried to justify his actions, I do feel bad about that.

       My previous blog contained advice for people who flip out at restaurants when something goes wrong.  The fellow I mentioned today took it to a whole new level but it reminded my of something else.  When you are bitching at an employee at a restaurant it may be hazardous to your health in certain situations.  How do you know that the employee didn’t just have an encounter like I had that day.  Imagine my frame of mind for the rest of that day and how much patience I would have for people bitching about insignifigant problems, not much. 

       Staff in restaurants or retail or anywhere with a high volume of customer traffic have to put up with a lot of shit every day and for the most part just have to smile and take it.  Chances are that many of them are going to snap at some point.  Who wants to be the lucky customer when this happens? 

       I never did see the “Rinky Dink” guy again.


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